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GlobEX Telecom was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide highest level of service to our customers — VoIP operators.

We have entered the market focusing mainly on two spheres of business: Voice Transit and NOC Outsourcing.

With a large number of interconnections with local route vendors and big international carriers we are providing high quality routes reaching the most distant world destinations.

Our team consists of experienced account managers and skilled technicians.

With the growing demands of a market we have started to provide NOC outsourcing to our clients.

Great desire, knowledge and experience ensured our rapid growth and we are proud to be a reliable partner of more than 100 of our clients.

GlobEX Telecom is a great example of perfect service.

GlobEX Telecom is more than you can imagine.

We have direct routes to mobile and landline networks in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, UK, Denmark, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Iran and others. We also provide proven and stable grey routes from direct suppliers to such destinations as: Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Somalia, Serbia, Italy, Finland and many more.

Our company is always open for new partnerships in order to expand the business and our proactive team will help to meet your requirements for voice termination.