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WHOLESALE VOICE: We work with the various strategic partners to ensure the reliability and quality of our voice termination and the price competitiveness of our routes. GlobEX Telecom gets interconnect with some of partners, we get stable and competitive routes, together with best terms and conditions from them. It is strong backbone for GlobEX Telecom to develop wholesales business.

INTERNATIONAL RETAIL A-Z VOICE:GlobEX Retail voice provides high quality worldwide A-Z voice termination via TDM or IP interconnects. Our Retail A-Z Product is designed for retail providers who have limited termination capacity and/or limited routing resources and require one stop shop highest quality service. This is primarily routed to either an incumbent carrier/PTT or a licensed, locally interconnected carrier with guaranteed high quality retail termination. CLI is passed and in most cases supported for this product.

Without no large amount of investment, GlobEX Telecom has aggressive discount and comprehensive support for you through our plant form. You can sell the private voip service under your own name.